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Marcus Emerson

That's not my real name. It's my secret identity. It's the mask I wear to fool people into thinking I'm some kind of legit author-dude when the truth is much simpler - I'm just a kid who never grew up.

It started in 2nd grade with Garfield. I developed my love of drawing by tracing that fat cat so many times that I could eventually draw a near perfect Garfield freehand.

When I wasn't drawing, I was watching cartoons like Silverhawks, ThunderCats, Ninja Turtles, and Captain N: The Game Master. My favorite movies were the sci-fi ones - Back to the Future, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Flight of the Navigator, and the Terminator. I played Nintendo like it was my job - games like Double Dragon, Blaster Master, Battletoads, Metal Gear, and Ninja Gaiden.

I grew up reading more comics than books. My faves were Gen13, Wildcats, Spawn, and X-men.

Telling stories is all I ever wanted to do. I write books that the 10-year-old me would probably dig. Someday I hope to send them to him after time travel is invented, but before someone messes it up and unravels the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroys the entire universe.

Literary Agent

Dan Lazar

Writers House

21 West 26th Street,

New York, NY 10010


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