Can you help me with my book report? I don’t typically do kid’s homework, but if you send me $25 I can write your book report for you.

Seriously? No. But here are some facts about me that you may need to include. My real name is David Halvorson and I was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 14, 1981. I live in Iowa and writing books is my full time job. A few interesting facts about me are: I love to read comics, I own over 700 books and 1000 comics in my studio. I also own over 200 toys, I mean collectible figurines. I love really really spicy food.

Will there be more Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja books? Yes! I’ll announce them on here first so join my email list and I’ll let you know when they are released.

Are you writing any new books? Yep I am! You’ll be the first I tell as soon as I can!

How did you learn to draw? I started tracing Garfield comics every day when I was in 3rd grade. But of course I told my friends I didn’t trace them. So one day a classmate called me out and asked me to draw Garfield right there. I got really nervous but I did it free hand and it ended up being pretty good so I didn’t totally embarrass myself. The rest they say, is history. But not really because I just keep drawing and I get better every day.

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